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Vintage is the common denominator among all my favorite pieces, and the items in my wardrobe that are most often complimented. Whether it is the dress above, or tattered denim shorts. Lately, I've been into channeling current trends through thrift store clothing. There is something more special about finding an old piece and making it relevant again.

However, I am also the first to admit that I do occasionally succumb to the ease of stores like H&M and Forever21 for those really trendy pieces. But at the end of the day it just feels so much better to wear an old, repurposed garment rather than new, cheap junk. Looking for high waisted shorts? Thrift a pair of "mom jeans" from goodwill and cut them off. (Bonus: they're probably already broken in!)

This week I'm on a vintage shopping mission to visit any and all thrift stores in the area. I'll also be heading to Orange Beach later in the week, so vintage/thrift shop recommendations for that area would be wonderful as well! 

Happy Monday!