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Cut Offs and Crop Tops

Middrift bearing attire may not be appropriate for much longer. If the past week spent with my brother is any testament to what life in Austin will be like...let's just say that soon, my crop tops will be exposing a little buddha belly. Translation: Graham has been cooking up a storm! My personal kitchen practices are comprised of bad habits and a lack of basic survival skills. I'm a healthy eater, thats for sure. But when it comes to feeding myself, I turn to a hodge podge of greek yogurt, almonds, fruits and veggies. I have always relied on my favorite vegan/ farm-to-table restaurants for big hearty meals. Alex is sort of the same way. So being in the presences of someone who genuinely likes to cook has been a treat. Everything prepared from SCRATCH!!

Wearing: H&M top. Vintage Shorts. Vintage Hat.