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Moonlight Rollerway

What a majestic name for a skating rink. (I think the outer space themes are common, "Skate Odyssey" is my hometown rink in Mississippi.) But don't be fooled. Moonlight Rollerway is just like the rest. Extremely old and questionable roller skates, galaxy inspired carpeting, a dingy disco ball, the suffocating smell of cotton candy and syrupy fountain drinks, broken arcade machines and hords of over excited teens. All nestled in the cozy Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, CA.  And yet, spending Friday night at a roller rink made for a perfect evening. Talk about being transported back in time. After mastering my balance on wheels, I zipped around just like the old days. Looping Alex multiple times as he and his pal, Joey, clung to the carpet rink wall. Not sure when we'll go skating again, but if you haven't been in 10 or plus years. I recommend it.