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Over the past month I've left my job and home in Los Angeles, spent good, quality, relaxing time with family in Mississippi and now I'm preparing to move to Austin. (In 1 week?!?!) As usual I've shared bits and pieces of this journey with you through Chic Little Poor Girl. Stories and updates accompany the occasional instagram or outfit post. But no move or transition is completely easy/glamorous. Like most bloggers, I am guilty of not really showing the messy, the unknown, the difficult. Because this is a blog about style, why would I share those dirty details? We all deal with lots of negativity in our day to day, so I try to keep things light. That being said, my life is far from summed up by the 2 or 3 outfit posts I share each week. And I think it may be important for me to say that from time to time.

I recently listened to a PodCast about the "Blog Mask." (The persona or image created by a blog.) The discussion reminded me how important it is to remember that what we see on a blog is just a tiny slice of what is actually going on. It's easy to forget, especially while scrolling through glowing photos of perfect homes and flawless outfits. What we don't see and therefore don't think about is what happens right before or right after these photographs are taken. The work/preparation that goes into staging interior shots, and the chaos involved. For example, when I shot this outfit, what you can't see is our puppy, SallieAnne, pooping off camera (true) or her running off and me yelling at her to return. Normal stuff. Boring stuff. Unimpressive stuff. But on this blog, I like to share positive stuff and stuff that inspires (hopefully). That being said, I am going to make an effort to be more "real" with y'all and to occasionally share those less glamorous details. 

 On that note...

I'm wearing: DIY Denim shorts that I discovered at a local thrift shop. Classic Calvin Klein high waisted goodness. They were full length jeans upon purchase but I quickly took my scissors to them. When cutting denim I'm always nervous I'll cut them too short and ruin them. So I tend to air on the long side when making the first incision. Once I trimmed these shorts they were still long enough for me to roll up, and I like that. So for now, they will remain my "rolled up" denim cut offs. 

Happy Monday!