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We are en route to Austin! On the road again! But first, we're stopping in Memphis to visit one of my favorite girls along the way! Be sure to find me on instagram to follow our road trip and move. Los Angeles > Mississippi > Memphis > AUSTIN! See you soon, Texas!

Wearing: Vintage scarf and chain. Unif hellbound shoes. And my super comfortable new Hi/Lo Tank courtesy of BLACKOUT.   

 Blackout. is a clothing label based out of one of my favorite cities in the world, New OrleansThe rad designer behind the brand, Ashlie Ming, is all about creating stylish, quality, locally made garments. Which means the fit and feel is amazing. (Insanely soft and how great is that hi/lo hem line?) Definitely be sure to check out her Essentials X Blackout. collection of super luxe tees. I'm loving mine!