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Velvet Dust

Two things no one warned me about Austin, TX. Number 1: Barton Springs is freaking COLD. And number 2: The downtown 6th street region rivals Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  

Last night I stopped by the Velvet Dust Magazine Summer Launch Party which was held at The Parish, allowing me to see 6th street in all its glory. Lots of questionable activity and interesting characters loitering on every street corner. All the signs of a good, solid party street. The event, however, was the opposite of sketchy. Great venue, lovely costumes, an aerial ribbon performance, and tasty saltwater taffy galore. 

Having just arrived in Austin, I love learning about local projects/ publications like Velvet Dust. (A new fashion, arts, & culture online publication featuring emerging artists and designers in Austin, Texas.) To me, a mere outsider/new comer, the creative community here in Austin feels very rich, but intimate. Very community oriented and I like that. I'm excited for more summer parties and more opportunities to get to know Austin creatives!

The outfit above is not what I wore to last night's party, but it is a super cute little ensemble I style at Feathers. Last night's attire was much more sassy, and I will share it with you soon! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

Photos by Katy Shayne