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Still Learning

I'm still learning what Austin is all about. Three weeks in and we finally made it to Barton Springs. Everyone I've met sings praises for this refreshing/icy swimming hole. So why did it take three weeks before we checked it off our "New Comers' To Do List"?? The Answer: SallieAnne. I couldn't bring myself to leave the little nugget at home while we enjoyed a nice, cool swim without her. Barton Springs doesn't allow dogs in the main swimming area but there is a "Dog section" down stream. Segregated from the dog-less bathers by a big ole chain link fence. I'd been warned about the filth and smelliness associated with the "dog section" but once I had the chance to see for myself, I decided that the dirty dog area might be right up my ally. Cute pups splashing around? Weird adults either swimming in their clothing or all together topless? Yeah, I'd rather be on that side of the fence. So good news for SallieAnne, next time we head to Barton Springs... she's invited! 

What'd y'all do this weekend? 



chic little poor girl.JPG