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 Inspired By...

Have y'all seen The Place Beyond the Pines? I did. Last month. And Gosling's character "Luke" was by far the most intriguing. Not just because he was dirty, tattooed and dangerous. (Though Ryan G. does play a great troubled, tough guy.) Luke's plot line was good, but his wardrobe was AMAZING. - "Wait. Doesn't he just wear torn up denim and an inside out t-shirt the entire time??" Yep. Yes, he does. In the most super-chic way. After the film, Gosling's attire is what stuck with me the most. And is what ultimately inspired this shoot I did with Maddie Covert a few weeks ago. I styled and photographed. She modeled. (And Craig Bauer is amazing for letting us borrow his bike!) I hope y'all enjoy!