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Getting the hang of Austin

Austin lately has been good. Feeling more like home daily, and we are slowly but surely finding our routine in this new town. Figuring out where everything is in our new grocery store. Popping into neighborhood spots for a quick dinner (Thai Kitchen) or drink (Spider House). Even enjoying an impromptu pool side happy hour. (I must admit, I do love the Austin swimming pool culture.) Things are starting to come a little more naturally. However, this ease and peacefulness will soon be up rooted. In 2 weeks we will be moving out of our utterly busted sublet and into our new adorably miniature apartment in Clarksville. Packing and unpacking always throws me for a loop. The chaos and mess aren't my favorite. Despite all the unavoidable frustrations of moving, I am looking forward to sharing photos of our newest home and the transformation it will undoubtedly go through. The natural lighting in our next apartment will be much better than our last couple of places so shooting the interior should be much more manageable! I give y'all permission to hold me to that promise!

Happy Wednesday!