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The Breakdown

In honor of my last post, and my growing fondness for this place, I wanted to share a short list of some of my favorite Austin aspects. 

1. Shopping with SallieAnne
This isn't something new. I've been sneaking my girl into stores, restaurants and movie theaters from the word "go." But now, in Austin, people are actually OK with it. The truth: we've always been "those" people. The over protective/ slightly obsessed dog parents. Toting her around everywhere. (She is such an easy going pup.) And now we're publicly coming to terms with it. Stowing her in our shopping carts, take her to bars. Sal likes Austin too, she told me.

2. Patios and Picnic tables
The backyard set up found at almost every bar in town was perhaps what first won us over. Talking and drinking and sitting is most definitely my scene. I've never been a big fan of insanely loud, crowded spaces. And in Austin, there is plenty of room to spread out. Every bar we've experienced has a big dirt lot in the back, packed with picnic tables and food carts. There is virtually no reason to leave once you've arrived. (Oh, and obviously dogs are welcome.)

3. The Austin Style Spectrum
I'm becoming more and more familiar with the Austin code of dress. I quickly realized that Austin (much like Portland, OR) allows for a wide range of attire. A large style spectrum, if you will. At any given party or place the clothing may vary, from denim, tees and tattoos to actual intentionally fashionable outfits. I'm always seeking style inspiration via people watching while I'm out. And I appreciate the casual yet creative vibes embodied by most style conscious Austinites. 

I hope you all have fun plans for your weekend. Mine is shaping up to be perfectly low key. Happy Saturday!