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A Great Visit

We've had some really special people in town the past few days. Eating and drinking and exploring Austin with my big ole family (the Feeneys included) truly makes me wish we could convince them to move here! The trip was too short, but we're happy that their introduction to Austin was such a success. And to say that SallieAnne was excited to see her grandparents would be an extreme understatment! 

One of the biggest highlights of the weekend (other than simply having my parents here) would definitely have to be the insanely delicious meal we shared, family-style, at the super trendy, "modern thai" restaurant, SWAY. Sadly, none of us had room for thai ice cream after our feast so I plan on returning soon for loose leaf tea and dessert on their adorable patio. Let me know if you want to join!

Thank you, Mommy and Papa, for such an amazing time! xoxo