Summer Style

I fall into this trap a lot. Finding an outfit that works for me. Comfort (both physically and mentally) then over doing it. Milking it for all its worth. Recreating the same outfit in various colors and forms. And I'm doing it again, I just bought an identical skirt in blue. So if you're in Austin, expect to see me out and about in something along these lines for the remainder of summer. Its so hot here that a flowy skirt and minimal clothing elsewhere (ie tube top) feel like just about the best thing I ever wore. Do y'all have crucial solutions to this summer heat situation? If so, please share! Until then, I'll be sweating over here in Texas. 

Wearing: Vintage Chain. Shades: Laced With Romance. Skirt: Feathers. Shoes: Target.  Tube top: DIYed skirt turned shirt. 

Photos by my Papa