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Hyde Park

We are enjoying this peaceful time before our upcoming move. In just under two weeks I'll be a sweaty mess, standing waist deep in boxes. Moving into a new apartment in Texas in AUGUST, may not have been our smartest decision throughout this process. Until then, we're enjoying our little Hyde Park neighborhood! This collection of recent instagrams documents some of my favorite moments over the past week.

1. Friends in town. Saturday we enjoyed a very short but very lovely visit with out of town (Austin Native) friends. Good food, good conversation (pool side), and a quick night cap at Yellow Jacket made for such a nice evening.  Now, if we can just convince them to move back!

2. Soaking up Hyde Park. The house next to ours is empty. It also happens to have a nice big deck and screened porch. Last week we snuck through the fence and made it our own. Sallie thought chewing sticks while lounging on their deck was one of the most fun things she's ever done. But then again, she's not exactly hard to please. 

3. Swimming. I love Austin weekends because every person you pass has either just come from the pool or is very clearly heading that direction. Swimwear, wet hair, inner-tubes strapped to bicycles.  And though SallieAnne pretends she hates the water, after each swim she playfully lurks along the pool's edge, flirting with the idea of jumping in. If she ever actually jumped, I'd be shocked and thrilled. 

**My final bit of noteworthy weekend excitement: we started watching the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. Have you seen it??? 

Happy Monday!