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I've moved around a lot in my time. Mississippi - Tennessee - Portland - Haiti - LA and now Austin. But over the past few months I've set a personal record. A record that has made me never want to move again. As long as I live. 4 moves in 4 months... The past few days of packing and sweating have almost made me question leaving my perfect little place in LA. But now that our most recent (and final) move from Hyde Park to Clarksville is officially complete, I feel a little better. There is still much to be done in this little apartment, but it already feels like ours. 

Wearing: The look featured here, is an outfit I've been wearing a lot lately. Perfect 90s, airy, light weight harem pants. The only type of pants I could possibly wear in this Texas heat. Pants:Feathers. Top:american apparel. Chain: Vintage. Shoes: UNIF Hellbounds. 

What to expect: Over the next few weeks, I have several projects coming up and I'm very excited to share them all with you. More fashion posts of course, but also more posts featuring my Austin adventures (we have a much needed stay-cation planned next week!) and interior posts documenting the design transformation in my apartment! So stay tuned for all the new stuff!

In the meantime, thank you so much for sticking with me and chic little poor girl! I heart y'all.