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Happy 4th of July, Y'all! 

While running the risk of sounding a bit cliche, I must say that this 4th of July was a perfect example and reminder of why I'm very thankful to live in this country. Over the past several years I've hopped around, state to state. (Mississippi-Tennessee-Oregon-California-Texas) Falling in love with different cities, and learning different things about myself. I'm very lucky to have discovered so many amazing people and places across these United States.  And I feel lucky to have landed in Austin. It seems to hold a great balance of what I've been hunting. Creativity, family and friends. All of which I was able to enjoy today! I hope your July 4th was just as nice!

How did you spend the holiday?

Photos by Katy Shayne

Wearing Feathers head to toe. 



chic little poor girl.jpg