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Weekend Attire

Pants have always made me feel a bit claustrophobic, and in the Texas heat they just wont do. Since our Austin arrival, I've been experimenting with casual, errand running, dog park sitting clothing. On weekends especially I try to put together outfits that feel easy, breezy but still looks half way decent. Nothing tight or restrictive. Just cute, cool summer wear. And I think I've determined my criteria:

1. Color
Aside from the fact that its summertime and that alone calls for bright hues, I've come to realize that when the heat has crushed my creativity and will to be stylish, color is always the answer. Stocking my closet with a few bold pieces (ie this shirt) has given me easy summer go-to options. 

2. Jewelry
And what goes best with color and sweat? Jewelry, of course.  

3. Heals
And by "heals" I obviously mean wedges. Let's be real. A little height always makes me feel more put together. When paired with wedges, even the grungiest outfit can seem intentional and styled. 

And that's my two cents on lazy summer wear! I hope y'all had a good weekend!