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Project #1

I initially envisioned this project differently. Lucky for me, the end result far exceed my expectations. I'd planned to install industrial office track shelving, but when I realized how expensive the track and metal brackets were, I had to quickly divert to a nonexistent Plan B. After a brief scramble around Home Depot I settled on these Zinc Plated Corner Braces. From there it was a rather simple measure, mark and screw operation. (However, I will say this project left me VERY well acquainted with the stud finder and level.) The photos I've shared here don't really show the shelving in relation to the rest of the room. I wanted to keep some other details for a later post. But I'm really happy with how they balance out our tiny space!

Shelves and... 

A new vanity! I took the same concept and implemented it in a couple other areas around the apartment. Our budget and home are much too small to bring in a bunch of new furniture right now (we got rid of a lot before we left Los Angeles) so these little ledges are working perfectly!

Also, please excuse the "unstyled" shelving. I have big plans for how they'll be decorated. Succulents, cactus and minimalism. Plus a mirror above the vanity.

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