Finding My Flow

So as some of you may know, our 3 month Austin anniversary is just around the corner, and we are almost completely "moved in" to our new home. Choosing to sublet for the first 2 months of living in Austin was both a helpful and hurtful decision. Our temporary living arrangements gave us time to learn the city and strategically pick a place to commit. (We love you already, Clarksville!) But that decision has also really stretched out the "transitional" phase of moving to a new town. Packing and unpacking twice, nesting and apartment projects have consumed us. Most of our free time and funds have been devoted to settling in rather than getting out. However, the shift has begun! Over the past few days, I've felt that transitional phase coming to an end. There have actually been evenings where we sat on the sofa doing nothing, rather than hammering and painting. There have been morning outings that aren't to Home Depot. And yesterday for the first time in too long, I made time to get on my yoga mat! Leaving Los Angeles and my yoga family was really sad! After moving away from that community I put my practice on pause and started running more. During the past few weeks of moving I haven't done much of either though. I have a feeling that getting back into my yoga flow will make me feel truly "at home" in this quirky city!  If you have yoga recommendations for Austin, I'd love to hear about your favorite teachers and classes! Namaste, y'all!