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Design & Style

Maybe it can be attributed to too much time spent browsing design blogs, or maybe its because I'm preoccupied with fixing up my new apartment, but lately I've been feeling inspired, excited and eager to get my hands dirty with all sorts of projects I've never attempted before. Watch out. I may be headed to Home Depot to stock up on subway tiles in the near future. To tile or not to tile (my kitchen backsplash), that is the questions...? Can't be that hard, can it???

Anyway, the true purpose of this post is to share these style photographs with y'all since recent posts have been largely interior focused/DIY related. (Thank you for tolerating my content switch up! I hope you've enjoyed the latest mix of topics, there is even more content diversity on the horizon!) For now. Let's talk Texas Fall fashion. Soon the rest of the world will start celebrating cozy layers, while Texans continue to sweat in 100 degree weather. How can we incorporate the new Fall styles while keeping cool in this lingering heat? My personal plan: Shorts and Jackets. Fall prints. and Light layers. How do you guys cope? Do any of y'all have tips for a Texas newcomer? 

Wearing: Hat & Shorts: Wasteland. Top: Feathers. Neckalce: Vitnage.  Shoes: Deandri.