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Monkey Business

As much as I adore putting on a fabulously frilly party dress now, my 5 year old self would have sooner died than be seen in this ruching and ruffles.  Some things you may or may not know about me.  #1: Until the age of 13 I was staunchly opposed to wearing dresses. I just refused. My baby photos tell the story of a little tomboy girl in rompers and bubble suits. My parents thought it was cute/funny/"different" so they went with it. #2: For 10 consecutive years I very seriously and desperately begged for a pet monkey. It topped my christmas list each year, and each year I awoke on December 25th to a stuff animal.

Wearing: Frank Usher dress from Feathers! It's still there, you can go buy it! Shoes: UNIF hellbounds.  

On another note: The last time I checked in with y'all we had JUST moved from Hyde Park to Clarksville. And well... the unpacking, shelf building, wall painting fun continues. It wouldn't be a true Ford/Mitchell move it I didn't carve out a million little DIY projects for us to tackle in our new home. Today we are painting and I'll try to snap a few iphone photos to share!

Happy Wednesday!