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Heywood Hotel

After a week of moving and unpacking, a relaxing stay-cation at the perfectly adorable Heywood Hotel could not have come at a better time.  Our evening at this trendy East Austin getaway also just happened to fall on the eve of our 4 year anniversary! We spent the day laboring over DIY and home improvement projects in our new apartment, then packed our bags and dropped SallieAnne at my brother's. (It was her first night away from us and thankfully her Aunt Audrey sent lots of snap chat updates.) Once we arrived at the Heywood and poured a couple glasses of wine, we were able to enjoy a characteristically hot/muggy Texas happy hour on their lovely balcony sprinkled with vignettes of succulents, cacti and chic lounge seating. Later we walked half a block to one of the eastside's newest additions, Bufalina Pizza. (which I absolutely recommend!) Along side Bufalina's big wooden farm tables, their beautifully tiled pizza oven fires the pies right out in the open. We devoured our pizza and scrapped every last bit of our ice cream sundae from the mason jar it was served in, then called it a night. The pizza, the wine, the ice cream, the amazingly pristine, cloud like bedding and ultra modern bathroom with shower skylight were just a few of the highlights from our little adventure. The Heywood aesthetic, design and all the mid century modern details made for a completely inspiring stay. I can't wait to visit again! Thanks so much, Heywood!