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Hey...About those Resolutions?

Remember what happened 9 months ago? We made plans and set goals. "Resolutions" by nature seem to be set ups for failure. Such intimidating commitment, and I refuse to get discouraged about broken new years promises. But in an attempt to reflect and maybe re-inspire I decided to glance over my "goals for 2013". I've been thinking a lot lately about setting goals and honoring personal deadlines. So before I add much more to my "To Do" list I wanted to check the status of this old list. Time to get honest... 

(This is where I warn you about the long winded nature of my post, and tell you to feel free to skip to the photos if you're completely uninterested. But then I reminded myself that you're all totally capable of making such decisions with or without my prompt. So... proceed as you please!) 

Health: My personal health goal for 2013 was to eat less processed food. So far that has been a major fail. With the move and being poor and uninterested in cooking, I've yet to eliminate any of my processed staples. I still make an effort to be very healthy, but nothing has changed in terms of my shopping trips.

Family/Friends: I promised myself I'd spend more time with family and old friends in 2013 and thanks to my recent Austin move I'd have to say I've made some progress in this area. However, I know I could be better. Lately I've been opting out of happy hour and other outings partially due to insufficient funds and partially due to laziness. Not ok.

Career: Trying new things. I wanted 2013 to be about exploration and so far it has been. I left my "big girl job" and amazing coworkers in Los Angeles and moved to Austin. It's sort of hard for me to believe I'm here, doing what I told myself I wanted to do. I'm proud of that, but I'm also getting a little anxious to sort out the big picture. On that note... to be continued. 

Travel: What I didn't take into consideration when I declared that Alex and I would start saving for a big vacation in 2013, was that moving is FREAKING expensive. Funds blown. Better luck in 2014... 

Purging: Again, the achievement of is goal was made possible by my recent move. We sold many pieces of furniture and I've done a surprising OK job of cleaning our my wardrobe. But if i'm being completely honest, after unpacking our apartment in Austin it was pretty comforting to be reunited with all our "stuff"! 

Blog: Trying new things on this ole blog was another goal for 2013. I've moved to a new platform which was exciting. But my content isn't as spicy as I'd like. I'm going to continue to make this a priority so stay tuned for new and different types of content. 

Balance: I feel more balanced in Austin. Though I miss Los Angeles a lot, this city has already shown me a more chill pace of life and I like that. 

Yoga: with a side of running. These efforts have come in waves. I was doing it, then I wasn't. Then I was doing it again, then I wasn't. I'm hoping that finally being all moved in and settled will help me get back on track. 

Environment: Transforming rental spaces... Um. Yes. I've pretty much rocked this resolution. My apartment is far from perfect but I've taken on more home improvement projects than ever before and I'm so happy with the results thus far! But of course, the possibilities and projects are endless! aka expect more interior posts soon.

Wow. Ok. There you have it! It actually feels quite good to come clean and share my successes and failures. What new years resolutions or goals have you maintained or ditched?  

Wearing: Vintage Hat and Shorts. Amazing African Painted jacket from Feathers.  Deandri Wedges. A tiny little souvenir necklace that my father got my mother in Egypt in the 80s.