The New Apartment/Our Front Door

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Black Door > Ugly Door

The number one worst thing about our new apartment was by far the front door. Let me start by explaining that the previous tenant also did a little front door DIY project of his own. He inserted Styrofoam panels into the existing door panels to keep the heat out during summer months. For most of the day, our front door gets harsh, direct Texas sun light. During peak sun hours it is even hot to the touch. So we were a little nervous about removing this dudes insulation panels. Would we burn up in our tiny little oven apartment? So we left them. (For now.) And though the poor guy tried to camouflage their ugliness by painting them a generic shade of brown to match the wood... he failed miserably. Truthfully, with or without the hideous panels the door was in pretty bad shape. Very beat up with lots of white paint splatter from previous paint jobs. 

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So I've been pestering Alex for weeks to just paint the damn thing, but he's been avoiding the project. Then last week one night while he was out and I was home working on block prints, I got a wild idea. The black paint and drop cloth were already out. Without even thinking I walked over and just slapped a few brush strokes on the door, committing myself to the job. 

I apologize for the lack of process photographs. Like I said, it was late and it's all pretty much a blur. But I must admit, it does feel amazing to have a fresh clean black door in our living room instead of that old nasty thing. Plus, with the black paint the panel inserts are hardly even noticeable now! Hallelujah!  


chic little poor girl.jpg