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Next Up

I'm a big planner. Thinker. List maker. I have hundreds of ideas. Tons of projects I'd love to take on. Right now my mind is so fixed on interiors and designy concepts. Tiling my kitchen backsplash, wallpapering my refrigerator and building a miniature garden to sit outside our front door are just a few items at the top of the list. To share these projects and outfits and outings with y'all, I'm putting myself on a personal mission to take more photographs with my camera. I'm so quick to just shoot with the Phone. So much easier but so much less lovely to look at. Hopefully I'll be posting more real photographs of SallieAnne and Alex and our adventures very soon!

Wearings: Amazing burnout vintage robe from Feathers. UNIF hellbound shoes. Vintage rosary.