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Inspiration and Motivation

What provokes someone to pick up and move to a new place? A job or perhaps a significant other? Alex and I came to Austin for neither of those reasons, though (thankfully) we did come together. I miss LA lots, as I've mentioned a time or two, but I can already feel that Austin is the right place for us now. We've begun to build an inspiring living space and over the past few days I've started gathering creative materials. Though smaller in size, Austin is giving us more room to explore our creative goals and projects. And that is exactly what motivated our move... What we came to Austin in search of: more flexible and more affordable living in an interesting and inspiring city. Yesterday I carved my first block print! I hope to dabble in a few other new mediums soon as well! I'll share some of the results with you in the coming days, when I'm not feeling so shy. Until then...

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

(photo of moi by katy shayne