Working on Fall
Hannah Eleanor Jewelry
hannah eleanor jewelry

This summer has been one that I'll remember for a long, long time. I'll remember it for being the summer that I had three jobs, worked like a crazy person and prepared to take the leap into pursuing big intimidating goals. I was talking to Alex on one of our nightly walks recently, reflecting back on my twenties so far. The first half was spent completely and utterly living in the moment. That's good right? It's a time for learning and exploration. But I wish I'd started finding my way a little sooner. Maybe that regret will change as I get older and have more appreciation for my formative years. Then the middle of my twenties was spent dreaming of a creative career and what exactly that would look like for me. Now it feels like for the past two years I've been in over drive trying to learn and build and grow in order to make up for not having gotten an earlier start. I began studying metal smithing techniques and through trail and error how to start a small business. Here I stand as a 28 year old with a baby jewelry company that I'm very proud of but there is still so much left to do and learn.  I've spent this summer working like a crazy person, trying to keep up and trying to make ends meet. Maybe I'm not behind at all? Maybe I'm right on track? Either way, gotta keep pushing forward. 

Photo of my workspace by ME! And photo of that gorgeous arm full of jewels by Katy Shayne.